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Welcome to Chancellor Academy


Chancellor Academy was founded in 1983 as a departmentalized high school for students who are classified as eligible for special services. (Click "Read More" in the bottom right-hand corner for more details).

Chancellor Academy

“Creating Opportunities for Success”

“Students with Special Needs have unique needs.”

Secret Santa Gifts Due


This coming Tuesday, Santa will visit Chancellor Academy to distribute Secret Santa gifts! A gift is due to each student's core group teacher for participation. 

For students who have not paid for their core group's tricky tray basket, $5.00 is due to each core group teacher. 

Marine Science Program Celebrates!


This Friday, December 19th, 2014, the Chancellor Academy Marine Science program will celebrate its officer luncheon!

In January, the program will celebrate and hold its annual "Officer Move-Up Ceremony."

Pet Therapy To Visit This Friday!


Creature Comfort Pet Therapy Will Be Visiting Chancellor Academy This Coming Friday, December 19th!

Annual Holiday Dinner A Great Success!


Last Evening, Our Annual Holiday Dinner Was A Great Success! Thank You To Everyone Who Came Out And Enjoyed A Wonderful Night With Us! 

Thank You For Allowing Us The Opportunity To Raise Money For The Wounded Warrior Project!

In Memoriam


It is with great sadness and we regret to inform you that, recently, a member of our school community passed away. Our sympathies are with his family and friends. Please know that all of our students have received individual and group counseling services from our staff clinicians to aid our students in processing their grief. On the "Forms and Links" section of our web site, you will find resources related to helping your child through a difficult time such as this one. We strongly urge you to talk with your child during this sensitive time and help them in processing what they may be experiencing. Please be involved and be supportive. At any point, if you feel as though your child requires extra support or appears to be struggling, please utilize the aforementioned resources and contact your child's clinician at Chancellor Academy. 

We are here to support you and your children. We will take the time and care necessary to ensure that your children navigate their grieving process in healthy and functional ways. 


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